Kate Hanson

OOAK americana folk art hand hooked wool rug of a running pony.

Hooked Rugs

Abstract painting rendered in acrylics on heavy, archival, Arches watercolor paper. More than 30 washes provide a unique luminescence and transparency.


OOAC impressionistic still life painting rendered in watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic paint and pastel pencils on heavy, archival, high quality watercolor paper.

Still Life

Shelley Radovich

Painting of a doll-like figure tossing playing cards as the tree is tossing leaves.

Figments of Imagination

Floral still life oil painting on canvas, and colorist in application.

Light and Time

Non-traditional floral and still life oil painting on canvas. Complimentary colors and graceful shapes characterize this painting.

Colorist Florals

Paul Hanson

Digital Art

The Art Bin
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